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The Green Ribbon

Do you know the significance of the green ribbon?

The green colour ribbon is an awareness ribbon that consists of short pieces of green coloured ribbon folded into a loop symbol for mental health awareness. 
It signifies and creates awareness about mental health when one wears the ribbon around their friends, relatives and even strangers. 
It encourages people to talk about their mental health.


We are living in a modern world where we still aren’t progressive enough to deal with the subject matter of mental health and diseases associated with the same. However, it is not put up on the tables for discussion owing to the huge stigma that comes with mental illness. These issues are laughed off thereby making people feel ashamed to come out and talk about it. This is a pressing issue in today’s society.

This initiative was thus started and focuses primarily on creating awareness and educating people relating to mental health. It seeks to break the stigma that has been lingering on in our society for ages.

Talking about these issues is accepting the need to take these issues to a public space, being aware of the probability of this happening to those close to us, and sometimes even seeking formal help.

At MaanSeekh, we believe that even a little step can make a huge difference in the world.

And together with the more and more people joining hands we know that we can make a change.

Come out and break free from the unnecessary shackles of the stigma!

Green Leaves


With MaanSeekh, we aim to do the following:

  • Create mental health awareness by discussing many crucial topics regarding mental health, what it is, various types and how to deal with it; both online and offline.

  • Contribute to society in any way possible through various activities.

  • Help each other out at a close and personal level so that we can enable ourselves to be happier and more optimistic.

  • Curb the stereotypes related to mental health and promote wellness amongst people.