Collaboration with NGOs

MaanSeekh collaborated with Sangati Foundation, during the months of February and March, to help raise funds for one of their causes which was to provide underprivileged individuals with tele-consultation on mental illness.


Through nukkad nataks, bake sales, social media campaigns and word of mouth, we were able to collect a total sum of Rs. 40,000 for their NGO!

Autism Awareness Campaign

In the month of April, MaanSeekh held a short campaign as it was Autism Awareness Month. Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.


We wore and encouraged people to wear red in support! We also conducted interviews with two people on our social media platforms about how they fight their everyday battles with sheer strength and determination.

Pride Month

MaanSeekh recognized Pride Month by celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community while also talking about the issues that the community is forced to face such as degradation in the society which as a result, affects their mental health.

A mental health checkup was conducted on our Instagram page where people were asked to comment their current mental state using emoji’s as an initiative to know that it’s okay to talk.

In order to have a greater insight about the LGBTQI+ community, a live session was conducted with ‘Maya the Drag Queen’ (as on Instagram) and a queer affirmative therapist as well!

Collaboration with NGOs

In the month of February, MaanSeekh came up with a 30 days challenge in

order to help people deal with the emotional issues they face in their everyday​

Some of the challenges included connecting with an old friend, going for a 30 minutes walk, social media detox, trying something new and practicing mindful breathing.

Participants were featured on the Instagram page and the response was​ overwhelming.

Collaboration with Girl Up Empower

MaanSeekh collaborated with GirlUp Empower to shed light on a few important topics like child abuse, stress, sexual assault and alcohol addiction. These all were discussed at length and were looked at from different aspects.

Campaign Darkaar

MaanSeekh presented Campaign Darkaar, in the month of May, in honour of mental health month.

Darkaar means requirements and our motive is to stress upon the fact that addressing our problems and talking about them is the first step towards

Consciously or unconsciously, we sometimes tend to ignore what a person is going through and often letting go off these things leads to accumulation of problems in life.

In order to achieve a greater insight, we collaborated with Fortis Mental Health where live sessions with Mental Health Experts were conducted and various topics which affect us daily were discussed through video formats.

More coming soon

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COVID-19 Collaboration

Due to recent conditions, MaanSeekh teamed up with LVR Foundation to help those who were troubled during the times of lockdown.

LVR Foundation is feeding more than a hundred people every day in order to keep up with their survival by coming out of their comfort zone and extending help to those in need.

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